“We’re always trying to find innovative new ways to fundraise. Fine wine makes a benefit feel more special.”
Ron Anderson
Board Member – Cystic Fibrosis Canada

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Fine wine can do good.

Wine brings people together for a lot of reasons. With Iron Gate Benefit Auctions, now there’s another. Powered by Canada’s leader in fine wine collector services, Iron Gate, our benefit auctions help charities, corporations and other organizations raise a glass and raise money for great causes at the same time.

We’re thankful to be able to do some good while doing what we do best – running live and online fine wine auctions that are fair, reliable, and fun for everyone involved in the excitement of bidding. With our partners, we’ve raised over $1.2 million for important causes.

If you’re part of a corporate fundraising committee or charitable organization, reach out to us about creating your own auction.

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How do our benefit auctions work?

Iron Gate Benefit Auctions are very similar to our successful commercial auctions , but with several key differences. Here’s what you need to know as a fundraiser or bidder:
The wine to be sold at benefit auctions is typically acquired by the fundraisers themselves, often by soliciting their donor base.
While Iron Gate spends a great deal of time and effort ensuring the provenance of wine we sell in our commercial auctions, we unfortunately can’t do this for bottles acquired by the fundraisers.
Because wine is donated and the auction is for fundraising purposes, there is no buyer premium like in most commercial auctions.
For benefit auctions, winning lots are typically available for pickup at our Toronto location, although we can arrange a different pickup location depending on your needs.
Wine sold in our benefit auctions may or may not be subject to sales tax, depending on several factors. Talk to us for more details specific to your auction.

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Cystic Fibrosis Decant Auction
May 9th at 9 AM EDT - June 7th at 8 PM EDT

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CF Canada & St. Michael's Foundation
Closed May 4, 2023 at 8 PM EDT

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Frequently Asked Questions

In a Benefit Auction, Iron Gate is providing the software and support services to enable the charity to raise funds through the solicitation and selling of wine. Iron Gate does not vet the cellars the wine came from as we do in our commercial auctions. There is no buyer premium in a benefit auction and the taxes depend on the jurisdiction the wine is sold.
No, a benefit auction is typically “pick up only” in the city in which the wine is sold. Iron Gate is happy to assist a buyer from out of the province/country to ship their winnings but the cost is borne by the buyer entirely.
No, in a benefit auction the provenance of the wine is the responsibility of the fundraiser. Only in commercial auctions does Iron Gate go to great lengths to ensure the wine has been stored properly.
No, Revenue Canada does not consider the purchase of wine from a charity auction to be a donation and therefore is not deductible.
Yes, Iron Gate accepts wine donations for a number of organizations. Please send us a list of your considerations for possible donation.

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